SMART Logistics: From Route Optimization to Intelligent Supply Chain

While digitization is taking hold of all global logistics companies, artificial intelligence (AI) is no way far behind in disrupting this industry. The integration of artificial intelligence into the ~$5000B logistics industry seems to be coming faster than many would forecast. AI integration to your existing logistics tech stack is not a luxury anymore. It is rather a need of the hour to maintain a competitive edge among your peers.

It’s not the big that eat the small… It’s the FAST that eat the slow!

The ever expanding scope of AI solutions in logistics categories will evolve rapidly over a period of time. AI would help your logistics function scale, drive operations effectively and make your organization more agile. There are several applications of AI in logistics that can help your business thrive and make it more efficient.

focuslabs is building a suite of logistics solutions built on AI-based algorithms for route optimization, load planning and smart inspection. With an upsurge in the customer demand there is an ever increasing challenge for companies to scale. Our logistics suite is optimized to scale up to your needs and is well equipped to make your back-office operations resilient.

AI is changing the way supply chain function works in the logistics industry. Over the last few years, organizations have become more proactive than they were ever in the past. Gone are the days when logistics operations were adapted to demand variations, our suite of logistics solutions will help you forecast market behaviour in advance to assist you in with complex resource allocations. focuslabs enables your organization to make intelligent decisions and perform automated operations without human intervention. Additionally, it also empowers your brand to face modern logistic challenges.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help the logistics and transport industry to work better, faster and become more productive. Augmenting your existing logistics tech stack with an AI engine is as easy as clicking “submit”. We help you transform and prepare you for the future of AI with our proprietary customer centric logistics optimization suite.

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